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Infinitex Membrane Filtration Systems 

In very simple terms, if you want to treat dirty water that contains oil or suspended particles, membrane filtration (commonly referred to as ULTRAFILTRATION) should be strongly considered. Here are some common applications:

Membrane Technology – INFINITEX wound membrane elements offer several patented features that maximize performance while reducing fouling.  Membranes are offered in a variety of pore sizes, dimensions and feed spacer thicknesses to fit almost any waste application.  In addition, when fouling does occur, a local cleaning service is offered by your distributor that returns the membrane to working specifications. 

Splitter® Series - These compact, portable, cabinet-enclosed machines are perfect for shop or department use where daily waste volumes range from under a drum up to about 250 gallons. These models operate on 115 VAC and are extremely quiet and energy efficient. As with all of our systems, they are fully automated and are designed to run unattended. A number of patented control monitoring devices ensure that the machine will shut itself off before any type of damaging condition can occur. 

Infinitex Splitter Membrane Filtration

Ultra® Series - These larger skid-mounted systems have all the same control features as the Splitter® Series. They can handle daily waste volumes of 500 gallons up to many thousands of gallons. Like the Splitters®, they are designed to operate almost continuously for years. 

Infinitex Membrane Filtration

Ultrafiltration systems – For wastewater recycling these systems are a reliable and economic solution. Your local distributor offers pilot units that can be rented for a nominal charge to demonstrate the results in your factory before purchasing.  Our engineers will analyze your application, present a complete proposal and provide on-site support during the pilot test.  As waste treatment integrators, our engineers will design a solution with industrial proven components that will exceed your expectations.

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