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Wastewater Recycling

Wastewater Recycling

There are many technologies that can treat dirty wastewater and allow all or portions to be recycled. As an integrator, Water for Industry can design and supply a complete system that will lower your water consumption, reduce your discharge volume and possibly lower your operating costs. As a control system integrator, the integration of a multiple step process requires control and monitoring to minimize operator time and eliminate problems and work stoppages. This could be relay control or PLC control with custom HMI screens for an intelligent operator interface with the equipment.

The most common technologies are:

The solution to your application could be a simple manual batch process or a completely automated multi-stage skid mounted system. Call Water for Industry for a wastewater evaluation and complete proposal.  Although jar tests in the lab is the common technique for system evaluation, many technologies can be operated on-site with small pilot units.

Typical applications for wastewater recycling include:

  • Rinse baths
  • Part cleaning solutions
  • Mop water and floor scrubbers
  • Die or tool cleaning
  • Pressure washing of vehicles or equipment
  • Plating and powder coating cleaning and wash tanks
  • Deburring and tumbling operations

Ask for an evaluation and demonstration before placing a purchase order with a salesman representing one technology. Consider operator training, chemical usage, consumable component costs, equipment maintenance, remote monitoring options, data logging options, time estimates between filter replacement or filter cleaning, and installations and startup schedules. As system integrators, Water for Industry engineers will evaluate a solution using all appropriate technologies and include cost estimates for your review.

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